Saturday, November 5, 2011

Epic Workend

Thursday I pulled a 22-hour work day running sound at the USAID 50th Anniversary; Vice President Biden spoke and Ethiopian artist Angelique Kidjo performed! The setup was the most stressful I've ever done; I had to setup separate feeds for the teleprompter and green room while avoiding the incandescent lighting cables run around the room which induced a buzz into our audio. All this while under severe time constraints knowing we'd get kicked out of the building for the secret service security check an hour before the show.

Friday night I tour managed for Sharam on the first stop of his Warung Live Release Tour at Josephine in DC. I organized our end of the show with promoters, set up and tore down his DJ setup and generally made sure things went smoothly in the booth. You can see pictures from the event on Glow's Facebook page. Saturday we were at Pure Club in Buffalo, New York where I enjoyed handing out the CD I worked on to some really excited fans.